What is Revocharge Wireless Charging?

Revocharge is a patent-pending most advanced wireless charging smartphone case customized to fit iPhone and Androids, utilizing conductive charging technology that results in faster and more efficient syncing and charging. Without the use of cords, the Revocharge is designed to make you and your phone truly mobile.

Revolutionary Most Advanced Wireless Charging is here!

Revocharge phone cases comes with a magnetic battery that attaches to the case and charges your phone wirelessly. The magnetic battery contains a micro USB input, allowing you to charge both the battery, and your phone, simultaneously.

Once your phone is fully charged, you can remove the battery and recharge it for later use, or keep it on your phone and charge both battery and phone – at once – the next time you’re near an outlet.

Stop walking around life on a short leash. Free yourself with Revocharge!

made_for_iphoneMade for iPhone

It’s been tested and examined to ensure it meets and exceeds Apple’s strict performance and compatibility standards. As a result, Revocharge has received full Made for iPhone (MFI) certification, demonstrating its quality and performance.

iPhone 5S Case
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