Frequently Asked Questions

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True wireless charging

 As much as we say that our mobile phones are “wireless,”the truth is most of us rely on cables and cords to keep our phones charged and synched. Revocharge changes all of that. Cords and cables are expensive, take up space, and inevitably breakdown. With Revocharge, you’ll always stay connected without ever needing to “plug in.”

What is Revocharge?

Revocharge is a revolutionary, full-speed sync and charge patent-pending Smartphone case and universal mount customized to fit iPhones and Androids. Designed to make you and your phone truly mobile, Revocharge can sync and charge your phone wherever you are, whenever you want.

Will it charge any phone?

Revocharge is equipped with Autosense technology, making it capable of optimally charging various devices, from iPhones to Androids.Autosense technology automatically adjusts to a device’s charging needs, providing optimum charging, no matter the device. This simple, all-in-one solution makes the Revocharge the most versatile wireless charger on the market.

What, exactly, is Autosense?

Autosense is a technology that allows your Revocharge case to provide a full charge to any smartphone device. Each smartphone requires different levels of charges in order to get a full charge at full speed. Most universal chargers fail to meet the varying needs of the many smartphones on the market. Revocharge, however, is able to provide a full charge, no matter what, because of its built in Autosense technology.

Revocharge vs (Qi) Wireless Charger?

Other wireless chargers on the market are slower and less effective, because they use inductive charging. Revocharge uses straight pin-to-pin connections, conductive charging, which means your phone will charge like it’s plugged in, even though it’s not.

Lost energy is your loss.

The power provided by most wireless chargers only leaves your phone partly charged. Nearly 30% of power is lost during transfer from charger to device. This loss of power often results in wireless pads that heat up to dangerous levels or emit unhealthy radiation levels.Powered by Autosense, Revocharge is unlike any other wireless charger on the market. Autosense allows Revocharge to safely deliver a full battery charge, no matter what device is attached. Coupled with our pin-to-pin connection, your phone will charge to full strength, at full speed, every time, without the loss of energy found everywhere else. Revocharge’s integrated pin-to-pin magnets make it easy to keep your phone in place, so that you never have to worry about a disconnect during a charge. And, thanks to the universal hybrid system unique to Revocharge, you can attach your phone to a variety of mounting systems – car, desk, armband, or belt clip.

Powering the iPhone.

Unlike most wireless chargers on the market, Revocharge is designed to work directly with the iPhone. We work directly with Apple to comply with their strict guidelines and expectations, and already provided initial approval. This means whether you have an iPhone or Android, all you need to sync and charge your phone on the go is Revocharge – nothing more.

More than a battery charger.

No other wireless charger provides users with the ability to easily sync smartphones on the go. Revocharge allows you to sync your phone from the desk mount, via a micro usb that’s easily accessible without having to remove your case.And, while you charge your phone using conventional (cord) methods, you’ll also be charging your attached Revocharge battery, meaning your smartphone case will be ready to power you up the next time you’re on the go.We set out to make it easy for you to charge and sync your phone on the go, with little hassle or worry. Revocharge answers the call.

What’s so good about conductive charging?

Conductive charging allows Revocharge to power up your phone as if it’s plugged into a wall, because of the direct pin-to-ring connection. Many wireless chargers use inductive charging – which loses up to 30% of power during the transfer process. Not only does this make the charger less effective, but it can also lead to dangerous radiation and heat levels.

How many times can a Revocharge battery power up a phone?

The Revocharge battery is designed to give your smartphone more than double your battery power.  After this one cycle, the battery must be recharged. Often times, customers will purchase several batteries, ensuring they have constant access to a full-charge, no matter how long they’re away from an outlet.

Which of your products allow me to keep my phone charged?

At this time, Revocharge provides full-power charges to smartphones via the iPhone 5/5S ,iPhone 6/6 Plus and Samsung Note 4 cases, desk mount and car mount. We are planing to add more popular smartphones to our portfolio to be true universal.

Do I have to take my Revocharge phone case off to charge my phone?

No. The Revocharge phone case fits seamlessly into your desk mount. The desk mount is designed to provide a charge to both your smartphone and Revocharge battery  simultaneously saving you time and hassle.

Which parts of my smartphone won’t I have access to if I use your phone case?

Actually, none. This was a focus of ours, to design a smartphone case that didn’t prevent you from accessing your phone’s features. With Revocharge, you maintain complete control over your phone, including access to headphone jacks and USB port. Access to your USB port makes it easy to sync data and music on the go.

How, exactly, do I “charge” my phone with Revocharge?

It couldn’t be easier to charge your phone with Revocharge. The moment you snap the Revocharge battery to the back of your phone case, the charging process will begin. LED lights displayed on the back of the battery will monitor the process and inform you of when the charge is complete.

What makes you different from other wireless chargers?

Good question. Aside from the sleek design and complete access to all of your phone’s features, Revocharge also features a patent-pending universal mount that allows you to attach your phone – via earth magnets – to an arm band, car mount, belt clip or desk mount. Revocharge also uses something called conductive charging, unlike most other wireless chargers.

Do you handle international orders?

Yes. We are currently partnered with DHL and FEDEX and will ship worldwide when we launch.